What Makes A Soleus Air Portable Air Conditioner Smart?

Soleus Air is a known brand in the world of air conditioners. The Soleus Air Portable Air Conditioner, specifically the PH3-12R-03, is one model that stands true to the company’s reputation. This unit is versatile, functional and provides unrivaled performance to guarantees a safe and more comfortable living environment.

Key Features & Benefits

Soleus air portable air conditioner is packed with multiple features. However, there are those features that play a major role in delivering exceptional performance for years to come. Lets look at some of them.

Compact construction

A compact sized air conditioner is something that everyone desires. And Soleus Air PH3-12R-03 Portable Air Conditioner does not disappoint when it comes to that. It measures at only 22.1 x 13 x 26.8 inches to provide easy handling and economize on storage space.

4-in-1 design

This unit is not only designed for air conditioning, but can also double as a heater, dehumidifier and fan. This means that it packs a whopping four functions in just one machine. Its multi-functional design eliminates the need for purchasing separate units to accomplish the same tasks.

Great portability

Despite featuring a heavy design of 70 pounds, this air conditioner can be easily moved from one room to another. This is made possible by the incorporated heavy duty casters. These provide smooth movement and allow you to effortlessly move the unit without causing any damage to your floor.

Great cooling and heating capacity

Soleus Air PH3-12R-03 Air Conditioner incorporates 12,000 BTUs of cooling and heating. This means that the unit keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Therefore you are always guaranteed of exceptional comfort regardless of the weather condition.

Excellent dehumidifying capacity

This air conditioner can eliminate 63 pints of moisture from the surrounding in just a single day. The incorporated evaporative technology automatically eliminates the condensed moisture.

3-speed oscillating fan

This unit features a powerful fan that incorporates 3 speed settings. You can either set it at low, medium, or high speed. At the highest speed, this fan generates an airflow of 240 cubic feet per minute for maximum cooling.

Variable temperature setting

This portable air conditioner incorporates a thermostat that functions to regulate the temperature. Therefore you can customize it depending on the temperature of the surrounding environment.

Wide coverage area

Soleus Air PH3-12R-03 Air Conditioner has the capacity to cool, heat and dehumidify air over a large area. The unit can cover a maximum area of 500 square feet. This makes it an ideal choice for large rooms.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

This air conditioner incorporates a filter that serves to trap dust. The filter is detachable for hassle-free cleaning. It can also be easily detached during replacement.

1-year limited warranty

This air, portable conditioner comes with a 1-year warranty that gets you covered in case of poor craftsmanship or defective parts or poor craftsmanship.

How much does Soleus Air Portable Air Conditioner cost?

The price of this air conditioner varies depending on where you purchase. The price ranges between $398.60 to $759.99. However, this does not include the sipping cost of $50.00.

What customers say about Soleus Air PH3-12R-03 Air Conditioner

A majority of customers have reviewed and rated this air conditioner. The unit is mostly liked due to its great versatility. Customers say that it saves them the cost of having to purchase separate units to cater for their needs.

The great portability provided by this air conditioner has been commented by most customers. They say that it can be effortlessly moved from one room to another even by the old and weak.

Customers have pointed out that the coverage area of this Soleus air conditioner is just exceptional. At 500 square feet, it can easily heat, cool and dehumidify a small apartment in just a matter of minutes.

Customers are happy that this unit comes in an affordable price tag. Despite being affordable, it delivers exceptional performance that can only compare to those of high-end air conditioners.

The durability of this air conditioner has also not gone unnoticed. Customers say that is comes in a solid construction that is meant to last for many years to comes.

What Makes A Soleus Air Portable Air Conditioner Smart?
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The Soleus Air Portable Air Conditioner gets an incredible rating from us based on it's endless list of features and the many benefits it carries. Wanna cool down? This is it...

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Soleus Air PH3-12R-03 Air Conditioner is the ultimate package for those that desire to heat, cool and dehumidify their living spaces. Its 4-in-1 technology allows it to cope with any weather conditions. It is an inexpensive option for those that desire to live in a comfortable environment all year round.

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