The Definitive DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner Review

The summer season is a time for some laughter and fun, to enjoy the great outdoors, but what happens when you are on the inside? The humidity of a sun-scorched day can be unbearable if you don’t have an air conditioner in your home.

The DeLonghi Brand

The brand name DeLonghi began in Treviso, Italy over a hundred years ago as a spares workshop. Over the years, it has developed into an appliance company that people love. The innovation, design and care they put into their products is what makes people come back for more. It’s a testament to craftsmanship and the utmost in quality.

The DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner

The DeLonghi portable air conditioner is the perfect machine on hot and uncomfortable days, making you feel cool and relaxed in your own home, the way it should be.

DeLonghi Pinguino C Series (PACC120E)

The DeLonghi (PACC120E) Pinguino C Series, 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner, gives you cooling enjoyment for an entire room (up to 450 square feet). Forget the loud, raucous sound of an old-fashioned standing fan and trade up for this quiet and energy saving machine.

Not only does it cool but it also dehumidifies the air, and has a straight- forward electronic control panel. Better yet, you can sit back in ultimate comfort and control the DeLonghi portable air conditioner with the intelligent remote control (complete with LCD display).

If you don’t want to use the remote, capable of working from across the room, you can always control the DeLonghi portable air conditioner from its front panel.

You have the ultimate control with the digital thermostat and 24-hour timer and the “condensate re-circulation system” reuses the condensation inside the machine allowing for a bucket less and dripless application.

When you bring it home, it is very easy to set up because no one has time to mess around with tools and assembling when they are hot and bothered. It comes with a simple hose and window bracket. It takes five minutes. That’s it!

To make your life even easier, the machine has the additional feature of an independent dehumidifying function, fan and eco-friendly refrigerant (R410A).

Move your cooling unit all over the house, whenever and wherever you want, with the sturdy (indoor and outdoor) castor wheels and side-carry handles.

The Specs

  • 18 x 14 x 31 inches
  • Digital controls
  • Washable filter
  • 12,000 BTU uses standard 115V outlet
  • AC function takes away 54.95 pints of moisture every day
  • Dehumidifying function takes away 86.65 pints of moisture
  • Portable design, durable castor wheels and side carry handles
  • Modes include dehumidifying, air conditioning and fan
  • Cools down a room up to 450 square feet
  • Condensation is recycled (dripless and bucket less)

Depending if you buy your unit used or new, the price range is around $300-700, but how can you put a price tag on surviving a heat wave?

People who have purchased the DeLonghi portable air conditioner from Amazon agree that this is a top-notch machine. It does a good job in cooling down a space even when the weather is over 80 degrees outside of the house. It’s not instantaneous but will cool it down to a bearable temperature over time.

Although it’s supposed to only cool down a room of about 450 square feet, some consumers have stated it helps chill a room of about 800 square feet. They also enjoy the easy and minimal set up.

Some of the reviewers said it works so well they wanted to buy a second unit of the DeLonghi portable air conditioner for the upstairs of their house because not only does it cool it down but also the electric bills have been reasonable, even minimal.

Another Amazon customer replaced several of their bulky window air conditioners with the DeLonghi portable air conditioners instead. They love the remote control and the thermostat to control the temperature.

The timer function of the machine is also a big hit with consumers. You can set it up to turn off after awhile if the air conditioning is left unattended.The easy setup is pleasing to customers who want to get the machine up and running within five minutes.

The Definitive DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner Review
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Not the cheapest portable unit we've come across. But claimed to be capable of handling 800sq.ft. by some users, what did you expect? Overwhelming positive reviews on can't all be wrong and DeLonghi must have done something right. Yay from us indeed it is...

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In Closing…

There’s no need to get stuck in the sticky, heat this summer. Have the best of both worlds. The hot, summer days outside and the cooling, refreshing air conditioning of a DeLonghi portable air conditioner on the inside.

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