A Closer Look At A Frigidaire Portable Air Conditioner

This specific Frigidaire portable air conditioner with a 12,000 BTU cooling / heating capacity, offers supplemental heat of about 4,100 BTU, perfect for 640 square feet of room space.

This is not just an average portable air conditioner as it provides supplemental heat for as an additional heat source when required. Not only is this more efficient, but it cuts down on the extra cost of having a heating unit.

It cools down the room quickly on hot days and does so without any noise disturbances. Its quiet operation makes it comfortable for one to sleep soundly at night. Features comprise of full function remote control, electronics controls, multiple speeds, and swing air direction control.

The conditioner has an antibacterial mesh filter that is effective in reducing room odors, bacteria, and all other airborne particles, providing a pleasant comfortable environment all day long.

Benefits We Believe Will Serve You Well


Compared to other air conditioners, Frigidaire is portable with caster wheels that make it possible to move the unit around the room. It also has integrated side handles for easy lifting. Its portability and compact size make it a great choice not considering its amazing features such as the supplemental heat and full function remote control.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is one important factor that buyers always consider when buying an air conditioner. It determines how effective the unit will be in cooling the room down and how expensive its operational cost will be.

Energy Efficient

The Frigidaire 12,000 BTU air conditioner is not only energy efficient, but it also has reduced operating costs. Its energy efficiency ratio is 8:7; this means that the unit will provide you with a cool and convenient space without hurting your pockets.

Its temperature control works by maintaining the room temperature at a preset level, helping you enjoy your ideal comfort level. Moreover, it has a low voltage start-up that reduces the energy level used and helps conserve energy.

Most Prominent Product features

Full Function Remote Control

This remote control feature allows you to have control over the fan speed and the room temperature. You can now be able to precisely control the temperature to your ideal level across the room. As the room temperature changes, the auto cool mode feature adjusts the fan speed accordingly.

Once the sleep mode is activated, the unit slowly increases the room temperature. You can be able to set a 24 hr on/off cool timer.

Ready-select controls

The air conditioner is built with different options that can be easily selected with the slight touch of a button when using the ready-select electronic controls. These ready-select controls have access to, three heat speeds, three fan speeds, and three cooling speeds.

When power is restored to the unit, one does not need to set the air conditioner again, as it has a resume operation that automatically restarts the air conditioner with its previous settings. This makes it convenient by maintaining your ideal comfort level at all times.

Amazing design

This Frigidaire air conditioner has a wonderful design compared to other units in the market. In addition, not only is its design great, but it is also easy to use. This portable air conditioner offers 115 volts of supplemental heat pump. Supplemental heat comes in handy when outdoor temperatures are more than 45?F, thus providing extra heat source in addition to your main heat source.

With a 12,000 BTU cooling capacity and a 4,100 BTU supplemental heating capacity, Frigidaire has been designed to cater for all your needs. Part of the kit is a window-sliding, and an exhaust hose that is easy and quick to set up.

Customer reviews

Most of the customers who have and still continue to use the Frigidaire portable air conditioner 12,000 BTU, have spoken highly of the unit with some of them highlighting its high energy efficiency, quiet operation and compact design. It is evident from the customer reviews that the Frigidaire has managed to prove its worth.

The unit has been praised for its remote control functionality and the on/off cool timer. The on/off cool timer allows for the incremental setting for a period of time before the unit turns itself on or off, which has been of use to many consumers as it helps cool the room at night allowing them to sleep soundly, with the temperature increase assisting them in waking up.

In addition, its remote control function is one feature that many customers appreciated about the unit, as it helps them control the temperature irrespective of its location in the room. None of them fancied the idea of running around the room to adjust the air conditioner.

A Closer Look At A Frigidaire Portable Air Conditioner
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The unit comes with fairly standard featured with the added heat function of course. There isn't really anything that put us off completely so we're giving it our stamp of approval as a unit that will serve you well, all year round.

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In Closing…

We truly believe or less than $450, the Frigidaire is a great choice for a portable air conditioner. Its budget-friendly cost does not compromise on quality, as this air conditioner has amazing features.

From its electronic controls, 12,000 BTU heating/ cooling capacity, swing air direction control, anti-bacterial mesh, and rear filter access.

Moreover, it can heat or cool up to 640 sq. ft. Lastly, it is energy efficient thanks to its low power start-up that will help you save money while enjoying a cool, comfortable environment.

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